Our bar features forty seats including six tables, giving everyone a view of the TV's and the train that goes by! We welcome everyone into our establishment and do not have a required dress code. Our tavern is family friendly.  So, join the fun and play our Train Game during Happy Hour. 

Train Game  

Anyone over the age of twenty one can participate in playing our Train Game.

During Happy Hour (Monday thru Friday-4 to 6pm) everyone has a chance of winning a free drink when a train goes by! All the seats in the bar have a specified number. When a train goes by the bartender spins the number wheel and whatever seat number it lands on, that person gets a free alcoholic beverage! 

We open our establishment at 11 am (including the bar). Food is served until `10pm. Fried foods until 11 pm. Check out our Hours of Operation page for more information. 

Dining Room

Our dining room features twelve tables, including booths. At the White Palm we wanted customers to feel comfortable in our establishment,  so instead of cliche and eye- popping  wall hangings, we took them on an escape through a diverse menu with a tropical flair...

An "Escape of the Ordinary." 

Small touches here and there, make you feel like your right at home.

We open the establishment at 11 am, Our dining room is open until 10 pm. 


Our Patio 

Our patio features twelve tables that always include umbrellas to hide from the sun on a scorching summer day. At night, customers have a clear view of the night sky, while listening to live performances on Fridays and Saturdays. Customers also have the advantage of seeing the train, up close and personal, while enjoying their meals or drinks on the patio. 

Patio is usually open by May, depending on weather, and closed by second week of October. We serve food and drinks outside until 11pm.

Sorry only service dogs allowed on patio or inside our establishment.